How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is when a person steals your personal information. This is usually done to get access to and take from your financial accounts. It is a scary thought for someone to have access to all your financial documents and to steal your money and ruin your credit, so there are a few things you can do to help protect yourself.
1. Shred – The first one is to shred documents that contain personal or financial information. Don’t just throw them away because someone could take those documents out of your trash and steal that information.
2. Lock – Make sure your information is safe by locking it away. For paper documents this could be in a safe, but for online accounts make sure you have good passwords for all of your devices and your accounts.
3. Secure – You will always want a secure connection when you log on to financial accounts, so you don’t want to do this on public Wi-Fi or in a place where you think your information can easily be taken. At home, you will want to encrypt and password protect your Wi-Fi.
4. Monitor – Another thing you will want to make sure to do is to check your accounts regularly. An identity thief could start by taking small amounts so their theft isn’t as noticeable, but if you check your accounts you will be able to tell if there is suspicious activity.
To avoid identity theft you will want to follow those steps and remember to never give out financial or personal information to someone you don’t trust. No one wants their identity stolen, so be sure to follow the steps to protect yourself against identity theft!

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