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Refinancing Your Auto Loan with Bad Credit

Once upon a time, people with bad credit were almost treated as lepers by those in the automotive industry. Now, however, many companies specifically target those with bad credit, highlighting that a poor track record isn’t actually the end of the world. There are ways around bad credit when it comes to refinancing your auto […]

Buying vs Leasing

It can be difficult to decide whether to buy or lease a car. In this case, there is no correct decision. The choice that is likely to work best for you depends completely on your circumstances. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind.

Consolidating Your Debt

Debt consolidation is a blanket term that covers the different ways you can combine multiple payments and debts into one to help you get out of debt faster. With proper debt consolidation, you are better positioned to save for a car down payment and keep up on the loan payments. You should also get a […]

Tips for Boosting Your Credit Score

Your credit score determines the credit you’re eligible for and what rates you get. Lenders check this three-digit number when they’re processing your application, and it’s a significant factor in car loans, mortgages and even credit cards. While there’s no magic wand for your credit score, as it’s influenced by past behavior, you can take […]

What Bankruptcy Means for Your Auto Loans

Even if you are in the process of filing for bankruptcy, plan to file, or have previously discharged bankruptcy, it is possible to take out an auto loan. Although it isn’t easy, it is still possible depending on your specific situation. There are two kinds of bankruptcy, which are crucial in answering whether or not […]

How Buying a Car Affects Your Taxes

If you bought a car in the last year, you may be able to list your new car on your taxes. There are two main circumstances when you should deduct the cost of your new vehicle on your taxes. – If you use your vehicle for business partially or full-time – If you plan to […]

Installment Loans for Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, you may be wondering how to improve your credit score. You also may be concerned about getting loans, and what a loan means for your credit. Luckily, there is a type of loan that can actually help you improve your credit, and is still possible to get with poor credit: […]

What is a Credit Score?

If you have a bank account, an income of some sort, and a credit card or loans, you’ve probably heard of the term “credit score.” Even if you don’t have all or one of these things, you have likely still heard the term thrown around on commercials or in the news. So what is a […]

Anatomy of a Car Loan

If you’re a first time car buyer, chances are good that you’ll need an auto loan in order to finalize the purchase of your vehicle. The car buying experience is stressful enough, and the process of applying for a loan adds more on top of that, in large part because there is so much uncertainty.

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